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The preliminary program is now available.

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Keynote Speakers

Avital Bechar, Volcani Center, Israel

Dionysis Bochtis, Aarhus University, Denmark



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MCG2016 Program Sessions

Session 1 – Absolute and relative localization
Enhanced automation performance of Total Stations for kinematic applications using the ATRplus technology Hannes Maar, Gerhard Kleemaier and Hans-Martin Zogg
Leica Geosystems AG – Heerbrugg – Switzerland
Evaluation of the Control Quality for Tachymetric Controlled Vehicles Otto Lerke and Volker Schwieger
Institute of Engineering Geodesy, University of Stuttgart – Germany
Comparison of filtering algorithms in vehicle positioning by using low-cost sensors Dung Pham and Volker Schwieger
Institute of Engineering Geodesy, University of Stuttgart – Germany
Examination of methods for error-tolerant data association between independent relative pose graphs during Multi-Agent SLAM Julian Schmiemann, Hannes Harms, Jan Schattenberg and Ludger Frerichs
Technische University of Braunschweig – Germany
Robotics in Agriculture – control and guidance in unstructured environments Dr. Avital Bechar
Volcani Center – Israel
Session 2 – Control of automated ground vehicles
Automated tractor/implement coupling based on a Backward-Looking 3D-Time of Flight Camera Tobias Blume, Jan Schattenberg and Ludger Frerichs
Technische University of Braunschweig – Germany
A Low-Speed Flatness-Based Path Tracking Control with the Time-Scaling Concept for Different Types of Steering and Drives for the Robot Operating System Ilja Stasewitsch, Tobias Blume, Hannes Harms, Jan Schattenberg and Ludger Frerichs
Technische University of Braunschweig – Germany
Modeling and Control of Mobile Manipulators for Cooperative Tasks: Application to Agricultural and Industrial Contexts Zine Elabidine Chebab, Nicolas Bouton, Jean-Christophe Fauroux, Youcef Mezouar and Laurent Sabourin
SIGMA Clermont – Clermont-Ferrand – France
In-Field Calibrated Odometry for Skid-Steered Mobile Robots Tomas Thalmann and Hans Neuner
Research Group Engineering Geodesy, Technische University of Wien – Austria
Session 3 – Representation of the environment
Development of a portable mobile laser scanning system with special focus on the system calibration and evaluation Erik Heinz, Christian Eling, Markus Wieland, Lasse Klingbeil and Heiner Kuhlmann
Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn – Germany
Using Assembled 2D LiDAR Data for Single Plant Detection David Reiser*, Manuel Vázques Arellano*, Miguel Garrido Izard**, Hans W. Griepentrog* and Dimitris S. Paraforos*
*University of Hohenheim Stuttgart – Germany ; **Technical University of Madrid – Espagne
Weed control in short rotation coppices with a GPS-assisted field robot Lennart Trösken, Ralf Pecenka and Cornelia Weltzien
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Potsdam-Bornim – Germany
Synchronization aspects of sensor and data fusion in a research multi-sensor-system Jens-André Paffenholz, Johannes Bureick, Dmitri Diener and Johannes Link
Geodetic Institute, Universität Hannover – Germany
Planning for mobile field robots: current advances and future perspectives Prof. Dionysis Bochtis
Aarhus University – Denmark
Session 4 – Field inspection devices

A Communication Layer for UAV/UGV Swarm Applications

Hannes Harms, Jan Schattenberg, Julian Schmiemann and Ludger Frerichs
Technische University of Braunschweig – Germany
A medium size field inspection vehicle Angela Ribeiro, José M. Bengochea-Guevara, Dionisio Andújar and Jesus Conesa-Muñoz
CSIC-CAR Spanish National Research Council – Center for Automation and Robotics, Madrid – Spain
Control and guidance system for scouting and maintenance operations on pastures  Benjamin Seiferth* and Christophe Cariou**
*Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, München – Germany ; **Irstea, Research Unit TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand – France
TRACKBOB, an accurate, robust and low cost system for mobile robot following people Jean Laneurit*, Roland Chapuis** and Christophe Debain*
*Irstea, Research Unit TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand ; **Pascal Institute, Clermont-Ferrand – France
Session 5 – Innovative equipments

ELEXC Project

Ahcene Nedjimi
Volvo Construction Equipment Lyon – France

Electro-mechanic Control System for Pneumatic Precision Corn Planters

Habib Kocabiyik, Anil Cay, Bilal Karaaslan, Sahin May and Myagmarsuren Khurelbaatar
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University – Turkey

A high yield automatic tree planting machine 

Istiven Apppavoo*, Anicet Marionneau*, Michel Berducat* and Benoit Merckx**
*Irstea, Research Unit TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand ; **SATT Grand Centre, Clermont-Ferrand – France

Hose Laying for Umbilical Slurry Spreaders: Modelling and Control

Clément Auclaire, Marc Favier, Thomas Fischer, Mark Hruszczak, Vyndell Michael and Yongzhi Su
Technische University of Kaiserslautern – Germany

Impact of centrifugal spreaders tilt and side-tilt angles on fertilizer spreading: potential use as control variables El Mehdi Abbou-Ou-Cherif*, Emmanuel Piron*, Alaa Chateauneuf**, Denis Miclet*, Roland Lenain* and Jonas Koko***
*Irstea, Research Unit TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand ; **Pascal Institut, Clermont-Ferrand ; ***LIMOS Clermont University – France

LAFORGE GUIDED HITCH – Active Implement Guidance

Hubert Defrancq* and Alex Kubik**
*Laforge SAS, Guignicourt – France ; **Laforge LLC, Cedar Falls – USA

Session 6 – Dynamic modeling and simulation
Experimental evidence of pitch control of an all-terrain AGV during a ballistic phase Philippe Vaslin*, Sorin Petrila**, Marc Davis*, Liang Ju** and Jean-Christophe Fauroux**
*LIMOS Clermont University ; **Pascal Institut,  French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA) – Clermont-Ferrand – France
Reducing the implementation uncertainty using an advanced robotic simulator Gabriel Burtin*, Florent Malartre* and Roland Chapuis**
*4D-Virtualiz ; **Pascal Institut – Clermont-Ferrand – France
Payload Estimation in Front-End Loaders I Yung*, Carlos Vazquez** and Leonid Freidovich*
*Umea University ; **Alö AB – Sweden
The usage of semi-active cabin and axle suspension systems with different objectives to improve driving comfort and safety Jan Krüger, Maximilian Sieting and Henning Meyer
Technische University of Berlin – Germany
Tractor-Implement Real Time Interactive 3D Simulation Based on OpenFrameworks and OpenGL Benjamin Fernandez*, José Antonio Cerrada* and Joseph Gross**
*UNED Madrid – Spain ; **Technische University of Hamburg – Germany
Special Session – Security and Shared Autonomy
Situation Awareness for Intelligent Mobility in Dynamic Environments : IRT Nanoelec Perfect Platform Julia Chartre, Lukas Rummelhard, Amaury Negre, Jean-Alix David, Jerome Lussereau and Christian Laugier
Inria Grenoble – France
Real Time Control Stability Algorithm for reducing Off-road Vehicles Rollover Propensity Dieumet Denis*, Benoit Thuilot**, Roland Lenain*, Mathieu Richier*** and Nicolas Bouton**
*Irstea, Research Unit TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand ; **Pascal Institute, Clermont-Ferrand ; ***University of Toulon  – France
Master-slave system design for tractor field-testing Audrey Guillet
AGCO, Beauvais – France
Human-robot collaboration to perform aircraft inspection in working environment Frédéric Donadio, Jérémy Frejaville, Stanislas Larnier and Stéphane Vetault
AKKA Research, Toulouse – France
Mobile Robot Behavior Adaptation in Navigation Space Shared with Human Adrien Debord*, Eric Lucet* and Faïz Ben Amar**
*CEA, LIST, Interactive Robotics Laboratory, Gif-sur-Yvette ; **Université Pierre et Marie Curie Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique, Paris – France
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