The conference is focused on research and development in order to increase the autonomy of offroad machines, acting autonomously or in cooperation with humans and/or other machines. From the “Control & Guidance” kernel, MCG2016 addresses associated topics for the partial or full autonomy levels such as: Perception (environment recognition, localization and mapping), Modelling (process, machine behavior, simulation), Decision support and making (supervision, fault detection), Connectivity / cooperation (between machines as well as between machines and humans), Platforms design.

The conference covers several fields of application taking into account specificities such as the ones mentioned in the following scheme, the light green color.


The MCG2016 conference aims at highlighting the interest of developing intelligent machines in an off-road context. In particular, the benefit of control and guidance of off-road devices should permit to point out the social and economical benefits in the areas described in the scheme above, the dark green color.

Scientific contributions in the different topics are expected to be linked to potential applications and should permit to highlight the short, middle, and long terms for social needs and for the required legal regulations.